Understanding Treatment: How Does Invisalign Fix Overbite Issues?

Sep 15, 2022 | About Orthodontics

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Invisalign (and other clear aligners) are awesome. When it comes to orthodontic treatment options, Invisalign clear aligners offer incredible results without calling attention to your dental treatment.

But can all dental issues be fixed with clear aligner trays, or will some problems need traditional braces? You may be asking this if you have an overbite – and we’re here to give you an answer!

The good news is yes, Invisalign treatment can fix an overbite. This week, we’re going to be looking at overbites, overbite correction, and how it works.

Breaking Down Your Overbite: Upper Teeth Overlap

An overbite is a misalignment of the jaw that affects the upper and lower teeth, pushing the bottom teeth back and the top teeth forward. The overlap puts the upper front teeth in front of the lower jaw, and this can cause plenty of issues, including:

  • “Buck teeth” appearance
  • Jaw pain
  • Difficulty chewing, speaking, or breathing
  • Tooth decay
  • Gum disease

There are two types of overbites: skeletal overbites, which are caused by irregular jaw growth, and dental overbites, which are caused by overcrowding or external factors like tongue thrusting.

Whether your orthodontist recommends metal braces or the Invisalign system, your plan will involve fixing overbite issues as well as straightening your smile!

How Invisalign Treatment Fixes Overbites

There are several types of overbites, and they can range from mild to severe overbites. Can Invisalign fix an overbite? The answer is…YES!

Invisalign’s aligners are a super low-profile option, unlike traditional braces and orthodontic treatments. However, removable trays work similarly to braces by moving the bottom jaw forward into the proper position and straightening teeth that may be causing orthodontic issues in the first place. Plastic trays straighten teeth and treat overbites in two ways, depending on the age and severity.

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Invisalign Mandibular Advancement – When dealing with kids and teens who need to correct overbites, this customized treatment has special plastic wings on the aligners that move the bottom jaw into alignment with the upper jaw over time. Precision wings on Invisalign work in tandem with the patient’s growth, which is why they are best for younger patients.

Elastics – Precision wings don’t work well for adult patients whose teeth and jaws are already finished growing. However, removable aligners are still a great option for creating a confident smile – we just use elastics/rubber bands instead! They are attached to the top and bottom trays to correct mild to moderate overbites.

For fixing a more severe overbite with Invisalign, a motion appliance can also be used. Motion appliances are typically small, discreet bars that are used with elastics early on in patient care.

What Else Can Aligners Do?

Invisalign works for a wide variety of dental problems and cosmetic reasons, not just overbites. Plus, it’s almost completely invisible while it works, so you don’t have to feel self-conscious while you’re reimagining your smile. Your orthodontist will go over the best treatment plan for you, but here are a few other issues that clear trays can treat.

Correcting Other Bites with Invisalign Aligners

Do you have any of these issues? Invisible aligners could help improve your dental hygiene, eliminate pain, and brighten your smile!

  • Underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gaps
  • Open Bite
  • Crowded Teeth
  • Deep bite
  • Overjet

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