Traditional wire braces aren’t the only option if you’d like to straighten your teeth. Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment method, is offered at Pura Vida Orthodontics, serving the Blaine, MN and surrounding areas. Dr. Alisa Madson, Dr. Rachel Hart, and Dr. Angela Bukstein utilize Invisalign technology to improve your smile.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign uses clear removable aligner trays to align the teeth. The trays exert gentle pressure on teeth needed to slowly move them. During your first complimentary Invisalign appointment at Pura Vida Orthodontics, the orthodontist will take digital X-rays, photographs, and a digital scan of your teeth. These digital images will be combined to create a virtual 3D image of your teeth.

The 3D image is used to customize your treatment and design aligner trays for each phase of your treatment. You’ll receive a series of trays that fit snugly over your upper and lower teeth. Each set in the series is worn for about two weeks.

Invisalign is highly effective in treating bite problems, correcting spacing issues, and straightening crooked teeth.

4 reasons Invisalign is a great option for you

Invisalign offers several advantages that may make it the ideal choice for you, including:

  • Subtle Straightening: Your clear plastic aligner trays will be barely noticeable. In fact, your friends may not even realize you’re improving your smile.
    • Convenience: Appointments are generally every 10-14 weeks with Invisalign. Virtual appointments are also available.
    • Comfort: You won’t have to worry about stray brace wires cutting your mouth with Invisalign. Thanks to the smooth plastic used to make the aligners, straightening your teeth will be a more comfortable experience.
    • No Off-Limit Foods: If you wear traditional braces, you’ll need to avoid foods that can get stuck in braces, like popcorn and gum, and stay away from hard foods that can break wires. Food restrictions aren’t necessary with Invisalign. Since you’ll remove your aligner trays before you eat or drink, you can continue to enjoy your favorite foods.

    Redesign your smile with Invisalign! Call your expert orthodontists Dr. Alisa Madson, Dr. Rachel Hart, and Dr. Angela Bukstein of Pura Vida Orthodontics, serving the Blaine, MN and surrounding areas at (763) 784-0420 to schedule your complimentary smile assessment.