A straight and beautiful smile is the reward for the months or years of wearing braces, but it’s important to take care of this investment to ensure the best results. At Pura Vida Orthodontics, serving the Blaine, Minnesota, and surrounding areas, our orthodontists are committed to educating their patients and families about the best way to maintain their braces. One of the most common orthodontic problems is loose or broken brackets. Our doctors Alisa Madson, Rachel Hart, and Angela Bukstein have provided more information about how to deal with this issue below.

Why do brackets break?

Although accidents can and do happen, many broken brackets are a result of a habit or practice that puts too much pressure on the braces. This includes eating foods that are particularly chewy or hard, such as taffy or nuts, or brushing the teeth with too much force. Flossing too quickly or using toothpicks can also put you at risk for loosening or breaking a bracket. Pura Vida Orthodontics can make suggestions for the best products and tools to use for keeping your teeth clean while you’re wearing braces.

Assess the damage

If the affected bracket has a wire sticking out, it can be pushed back towards the teeth by using a cotton swab. Dental wax may be needed to ensure it doesn’t nick the inside of your lips or cheeks. If the bracket has completely fallen off, save it and bring it to your appointment at Pura Vida Orthodontics. The bracket may be loose but still attached by the wires; if it doesn’t come off easily, leave it where it is until it can be examined by your orthodontist. Dental wax can also be applied over the bracket to keep it in place and prevent any injuries.

Make sure you contact your orthodontist serving the Blaine, Minnesota, and surrounding areas, as soon as you or your child notices a loose or broken bracket. Our friendly office staff will be happy to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Call Pura Vida Orthodontics at (763) 784-0420 for any questions!