Keep your smile healthy and happy throughout the orthodontic process with help from Pura Vida Orthodontics:

Here are some ways that you can ensure that your teeth and gums stay healthy with braces between checkups with your orthodontist, Dr. Alisa Madson of Pura Vida Orthodontics, serving the Blaine, MN and surrounding areas.

Brush your teeth after each meal

Without braces, you could get away with brushing your teeth only twice a day but now that you have braces it’s important that you are upping your current brushing routine and cleaning your teeth after every meal or snack. Since it’s easier for food to get trapped between brackets and wires, it’s important that you are brushing after you eat to remove plaque and to prevent cavities from forming.

You still need to floss

If you have traditional braces, you may be wondering how in the world you’re supposed to floss, but it’s absolutely possible and necessary for everyone (even those wearing braces) to floss at least once a day. The most important time of day to floss is right before bedtime. There are tons of flossing options on the market that are designed for those with braces. While traditional floss may not be ideal, threader floss and oral irrigators may be a better bet for ensuring that you floss at least once a day, preferably before you brush your teeth.

Be careful what you eat

Dr. Madson advised you to avoid eating foods that are sticky (like candy) and crunchy (like nuts), while you have braces, as these can break or pull at your appliances. Additionally, you will want to avoid sugary drinks like sports drinks, fruit juices, and sodas, which can increase your risk for cavities.

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