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Braces In Blaine, MN

Have you avoided straightening your teeth because you don't like the look of metal braces? Luckily, there's another option available near Blaine, MN. Our orthodontists explain how clear braces might just be the perfect solution for you.

A less noticeable option

When you wear metal braces, it's not unusual to feel a little self-conscious about your appearance. It's hard to focus on how great your teeth will look at the end of your treatment if you're not happy with the reflection in your mirror. Clear braces are just as effective at correcting the alignment of your teeth as traditional braces but offer an innovative new approach to orthodontic treatment.

Rather than relying on wires and brackets to reposition your teeth, your dentist gives you a series of clear aligners that fit over your teeth like a nightguard. Since the aligners are made of nearly transparent plastic, it won't be obvious to anyone that you're improving your smile.

Clear braces move teeth gradually

Before your orthodontic treatment begins, your dentist uses a computerized image of your teeth to custom design your aligners. Movement is accomplished by changing your aligners regularly. At the end of every two week period, you'll open a new set of aligners and begin wearing them. There are no painful adjustments or loose wires to worry about with clear braces.

Clear braces make life easier

If your friends or family members have had braces, you've probably watched them turn down popcorn, gum and other foods that could damage their braces. You won't have any food restrictions when you wear clear braces because you'll remove your aligners to eat. For best results, it's important to wear them at least 20 hours per day. In some cases, straightening your teeth is quicker with clear braces than with traditional braces. In fact, you may only need to wear the braces for about one year.

Free Virtual Consultations Now Available 

For your convenience, we are offering a "virtual consult" for your first orthodontic appointment. We will send you an email with instructions and the orthodontist will do a thorough review of your information. Once our evaluation is complete, we will be in touch with you to review your preliminary individualized plan, payment options, and to arrange a convenient time for you to come in to complete your finalized plan and start your journey to your new smile!

Clear braces offer the ideal way to improve your smile! If you live near Blaine, MN or surrounding areas, call Pura Vida Orthodontics at (763) 784-0420 to schedule an appointment to find out if clear braces are right for you.